Musician’s new single dedicated to son

Kayla Mahon and son Harley share a moment. Photo: supplied
Kayla Mahon and son Harley share a moment. Photo: supplied
A Riversdale-based musician’s newest single is an emotional ballad dedicated to her son.

That is how Kayla Mahon describes her newly released single Little Man.

The song is dedicated to her son Harley, 6.

"I wanted to put across how clever he is at being strong and fearless.

"The moral of the story is if we can keep that magic and give it back to him when he’s my age, then we’ll be doing really well."

She decided to release the song as the second single from her soon-to-be-released album.

The song was a celebration of childhood innocence, fearlessness and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead, she said.

"I really like to write from the heart.

"[Finding] a way to connect with people is important to me.

"I thought this song has the ability to reach the heart."

That was part of why she decided to release it.

The song first premiered on the Southern Cross Country radio station on Thursday.

A music video was released with the song, which featured home videos of her children, she said.

"I’ve been fortunate enough to film that.

"It’s a home video of me performing and Harley and Georgia starring.

"Watching that video it sort of brings a tear to your eyes.

"I’m really looking forward to releasing that one for everybody."

Once released she would continue the rollout of her album.

"I’m quite excited about it."

She planned to release more singles before the full album was available towards June, she said.

"I love all my songs so I’m finding it hard to decide what to release first."