Triplets score scholarships for university

James (left), Ruby and Sean Bath, all 18, are triplets who received an ILT Tertiary Scholarship...
James (left), Ruby and Sean Bath, all 18, are triplets who received an ILT Tertiary Scholarship each in November. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
A set of Southland triplets have proven that good things come in threes after being awarded multiple scholarships to go to university next year.

James Hargest College pupils Ruby, James and Sean Bath have all received an ILT Tertiary Scholarship, each receiving financial support of $2000 per year for three years.

The high achievers said their success was down to them sharing a strong drive to get their work done.

"I think it comes under work ethic I guess, like we share the same morals so we’re all pretty driven and we support each other too so that’s sort of like a bit of a driving force," Sean said.

Ruby added that they kept each other accountable and made sure each of them was putting their best foot forward.

They all agreed that their work ethic came from their parents, Doug and Natalie Bath who never held any expectations for them but always pushed them to try their best.

All three were interested in different fields — Ruby was planning on studying law at the University of Otago next year, James was going to study engineering at the University of Canterbury and Sean was going on to study Health Science at the University of Otago.

They all got along with each other really well and this would be the first time the triplets would be living in separate towns.

"Whilst we are excited about going to university in separate towns next year, we have mixed feelings and we are sure we will miss each other," Ruby said.

In terms of preparation, Ruby was a little more thorough than the boys.

"I feel like Ruby has breakfast pre-made from the night before, she has like some overnight oats or something and James and I will just slap something together on our way out.

"We’re currently sitting in Ruby’s room and as I’m sitting here talking to you, I’m looking at her litany of big A3 pages pasted on her door and wall with mind maps of every topic she’s learnt this year, and it looks like she’s solving the Zodiac murder mystery."

An ILT spokeswomen said the triplets were independently assessed and were awarded this on their own merit. There were 62 other pupils from Southland schools who were also awarded an ILT Tertiary Scholarship.

Each pupil was interviewed by a panel of three highly regarded adjudicators, and they were assessed independently across a range of criteria including their grades, community dedication and future ambition.