Woman sentenced after pleading guilty to aggravated robbery

A judge told a Gore woman it was "fortunate" she was involved in a drug-deal gone wrong.

Shayne Mary Delahey, 26, was sentenced in the Invercargill District Court last month after earlier pleading guilty to aggravated robbery and refusing a computer search.

Delahey had two co-defendants — Destiny Maniapoto and Hori Gemmell, who infamously stole a police car containing two Glock pistols, sparking a two-day manhunt in 2019.

Judge Duncan Harvey said it was clear that at the time of this offending, Delahey’s life was in "complete and utter freefall" and she was abusing drugs and alcohol.

"In many ways it is perhaps fortunate that you became involved in this very serious offending because had you not, one wonders what would have happened to you", Judge Harvey said.

On July 16 last year, Delahey drove her associates to meet another group of three in a cemetery near Gore to complete a cannabis deal.

About 10.15pm, the victims arrived and shortly after so did the defendants.

One victim passed Gemmell $25 through a car window but an argument led Gemmell to reach down, grab an item and point it at the man, who believed it was a gun. Delahey remained in the car, but the other two got out and stole a victim’s phone.

The court heard the victim then hid behind a tree while Gemmell got into the driver’s seat of their car and Maniapoto allegedly dragged a victim out of the vehicle by their hair.

Delahey drove away in the car she arrived in, while the other two took off in the victims’ vehicle, leaving the trio stranded at the cemetery.

The victims’ vehicle was abandoned at the Gore Racecourse, a police summary said.

Judge Harvey said it appeared Delahey was not involved in any physical violence, but she did threaten a victim by asking if he wanted to get shot.

"It is also not entirely clear whether you, as the driver, were totally aware of everything that was about to happen, but there is no doubt that you were not trying to stop what occurred", he said.

The judge sentenced Delahey to four months’ community detention and two years’ intensive supervision.

"It is punitive to a certain extent, but it also will assist you to ensure that you do not come back into contact with people who are likely to lead you astray", the judge said.

"The future looks bright for you if you are able to overcome what is a very difficult addiction to deal with."

felicity.dear@odt.co.nz , PIJF court reporter