Time to let Singh get on with it, Buckingham says

Sarpreet Singh has been under the eye of New Zealand during his early days at Bayern Munich....
Sarpreet Singh has been under the eye of New Zealand during his early days at Bayern Munich. Photo: Getty Images
The rise of Sarpreet Singh has been the biggest story in New Zealand football of late.

But it may be time to pull back and let him do his thing, the 20-year-old's first professional coach says.

Since signing with Bayern Munich, virtually every move Singh makes has been under the microscope.

Every shot and seemingly every pass he has made with the first team in pre-season has captivated Kiwi football fans.

It is hardly a surprise.

Seeing a New Zealand youngster achieving so highly at one of the world's top clubs is a rarity.

He had originally been slated for the second team, although there is increased talk he may remain with the top team.

It is a long way from February 2017, when he made his first senior appearance for the Wellington Phoenix under Des Buckingham.

Buckingham had since coached Singh at the recent under-20 World Cup and remains in contact with him.

He was thrilled to see his progress, although he felt it was perhaps time to ease back on the scrutiny.

''I gave Sarpreet Singh his professional debut at the Phoenix,'' he said.

''To see where he's gone in such a short space of time is credit to him.

''Then again, I think he now needs to be left alone and let him get on with what he does.

''I'm sure he'll continue to flourish; he's already shown that in a short space of time he's been with the club.''

Not only was Singh's rise important for himself, it showed others it was possible to make it to the top.

Buckingham said there were others - such as Phoenix youngsters Liberato Cacace and Callum McCowatt - who were also kicking on from the under-20 campaign.

That was key for the next wave of talent to see.

''It does show there's a real pathway and opportunity for players in this country.

''If they're given the right platform and support.

''[Singh is] a humble guy and he's worked very hard to get where he is.''

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