How will the Silver Ferns' World Cup chances shape up?

Silver Ferns captain Laura Langman. Photo: Getty Images
Silver Ferns captain Laura Langman. Photo: Getty Images
As the Silver Ferns begin their Netball World Cup campaign tonight, netball writer Jeff Cheshire asked three local netball personalities three questions - 

1. How will the Silver Ferns go?

2. Who will be the star of the tournament?

3. Who will win and why?

Dame Lois Muir

Former Silver Ferns coach

1. They are looking good. It is a little bit of a work in progress, but at a World Cup you have to run the total race. I think they're exactly where they should be because they're going to come up with every game.

2. Laura Langman's got a presence on court and she changes the game, but Maria's [Folau] a close second - when she's in the zone she's deadly.

3. I won't say that. It depends on injuries going right through. Once you get into the top four the opportunities are all yours. So I won't pick a winner.

Wendy Frew

Former Southern Steel captain

1. I think they're going to go really well. Looking in from the outside it seems like the team culture's really good. When you've got a team like that it puts you in good stead for a good performance. They've been training hard and they're coming off a tough and disappointing Commonwealth Games - but I know they're pretty determined to turn that around.

2. Jhaniele [Fowler] for sure. She's such a remarkable player, she's such a threat and not many defences can stop her.

3. The Ferns will win because Noeline's the coach and they've created a good team culture from what I've seen. A few of the senior players are potentially finishing after this one, so they're going to put everything in to the campaign and have no regrets.

Joyce Andrew

Dunedin Netball operations manager

1. The Ferns showed they are in good form against the NZ Men. I'm predicting we will move through to the semis - then it's literally a case of who is on their "A" game the most. International netball is very competitive in the top five, which is awesome to see.

2. Norma Plummer - she'll bring a spice to the build-up and during the games that only she can. Who knows, maybe we'll see another lip sync from her? I anticipate there are going to be so many stars across the board.

3. It depends who qualifies where in each semi. I'm anticipating England qualify top after stage two, and playing New Zealand who qualify second. South Africa could sneak through and play Australia. From there New Zealand go through - potentially via extra time - and Australia should overcome South Africa. That is if both NZ and Australia are on full form!


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