Organisation aiming to secure permanent base in 5 years

Table Tennis Otago president Ben Duffy. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Table Tennis Otago president Ben Duffy. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Table Tennis Otago is looking for a home it can call its own.

It has given itself five years to find a new permanent base but has set its sights on finding a training facility a lot earlier than that.

Table Tennis Otago president Ben Duffy said the association had a permanent base in Kaikorai Valley 26 years ago.

But that was sold, and the association had since been operating out of the Edgar Centre.

It ran tournaments, a weekly interclub competition and various other events at the facility, and the Edgar Centre had served it well.

"But what we don’t have is a daily training environment where people can just go and play and train," Duffy said.

"Stage 1 would be to find a place which we could access all the time and leave the tables up, because when we want to play now we have to set up 24 tables and put 24 tables down again.

"That is not good for the players and it is not good for the equipment."

The other issue at the Edgar Centre was, as other sports such as basketball and volleyball had expanded, court time had become harder to secure.

"We’re getting squeezed out in terms of space. The Edgar Centre has been really good and they’ve been good to us. But it is also quite cold and it can get noisy in there with other sports going on, which does not really work for us."

The next phase would be a "four or five" year project to establish a permanent base.

"An actual permanent home, not just a training facility."

There are five major clubs operating in Dunedin and about 350 registered players. The association has assets of about $170,000 and $130,000 of that has been set aside to find a new home.

Duffy said the association would need help from the national body and from local funders as well.