Triathlon: Huge Hall of medals over codes

Morris Hall competes in the Masters Games triathlon at Macandrew Bay yesterday. Photo by Linda...
Morris Hall competes in the Masters Games triathlon at Macandrew Bay yesterday. Photo by Linda Robertson.

Morris Hall reckons he must have up to about 200 Masters Games medals.

Hall (67) has them all around his house.

Some are in boxes, some are hanging up on display, some are in cupboards.

But they are all signs of achievement for Hall, who loves competing and shows no sign of slowing down.

Last night he competed in the triathlon in and around Macandrew Bay.

Since the Masters started last weekend, Hall has won two gold medals in kayaking, gold in the ocean swim, and more medals in the the swimming pool.

He will complete his Masters experience by sailing his Laser in the three day-yachting event, starting today.

Hall said the activity kept him amused and the variety kept things interesting.

"I've always been a yachtie. I've been doing that since I was a young kid. But then I got interested in swimming, kayaking and the triathlon,'' he said.

"They're all good fun. I'm more of a long-distance person and not much of a sprinter. I did the 3km harbour swim and really enjoyed that. But you do the short ones, the 100m freestyle swimming, and it was really hard.''

The former primary school teacher, who is now retired, said he liked to mix up his disciplines because as he aged it was too hard to run every day.

On a typical Saturday he hops in his kayak in the morning, has a run in the afternoon and then swims at the Masters Swimming Club at 5pm.

"I just feel better because I am fit and if I don't go out training every day, I just feel something is missing. I'm lucky because a lot of people my age have their knees give out but I'm OK.''

He has competed in the Coast to Coast five times and has completed the Ironman event three times.

He has run 52 marathons and competed at the 2002 Melbourne and 2009 Sydney World Masters Games.

"I loved both World Masters. You meet so many people from around the world and they are all so friendly.

"The opening ceremonies were fantastic and the atmosphere was incredible.''

Hall, who is not married, is already planning his trip to Auckland next year for the World Masters Games in April.

It is expected to attract 25,000 athletes.

"I'll be driving up and taking my boat with me. That's the great thing about the Games being in New Zealand. You can take all your toys with you. I'm really planning on making a holiday of it.''

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