All hands to the pump for very busy day

PHOTO: Stephen Jaquiery
PHOTO: Stephen Jaquiery
Otago Regional Rescue Helicopters undertook 72 missions last month.

Towards the end of the month the rescue helicopters undertook eight missions in one day.

The first call came in the very early hours of the morning with a patient post-cardiac arrest in Oamaru.

Air One was tasked to this and collected this patient from Oamaru Hospital with the assistance of the Dunedin intensive care unit team.

The second call came in at 10.06am to another cardiac patient, again in Oamaru; Air One also retrieved the second patient.

During this retrieval, the third call came in for an intensive care retrieval of a very sick patient at the Wanaka Medical Centre.

Air One and the ICU team undertook the retrieval, returning to Dunedin Hospital at 3.26pm.

The fourth call for the day was to Kaiwera, to a person who had been crushed by a vehicle and Air Two was tasked to retrieve the patient.

At 3.50pm Air One was called on the fifth mission of the day to Dunstan Hospital to a person suffering from a cardiac event; Air One returned to Dunedin at 5.45pm.

While returning from Dunstan Hospital, Air Two was required to retrieve a man suffering from a heart attack from Invercargill Hospital.

Air Two returned to base at 7.45pm.

Following its return from Dunstan Hospital, Air One was tasked to Otematata to a patient having a stroke and returned at 9.20pm.

During this mission, Air Two was tasked to Lumsden to a crash involving a campervan and a car. Air Two finally returned to base at midnight.

Eight patients, two helicopters, multiple pilots and paramedics, intensive care unit doctors and nurses, fire crews, local ambulance crews, regional hospital medical teams, communications staff (air desk) and the police all played a part in the day's events.

The joint efforts of all the emergency services throughout our region contributed to the successful outcomes of the eight patients.



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