By Hokey! Latest Lumps mash-up a classic Kiwi combo

The latest mash-up from Pascall is the Hokey Pokey Flavour Lumps. Photo: Supplied
The latest mash-up from Pascall is the Hokey Pokey Flavour Lumps. Photo: Supplied
The iconic Pineapple Lump has been reimagined using another iconic Kiwi treat: Hokey Pokey. And its arrival could reignite a popular debate among Kiwi fans of the original.

Whether you’re inclined to go straight into the bag to enjoy a Pineapple Lump in all its soft, chewy goodness, or you think it’s worth the process of freezing them for maximum crunch, the newest edition to the Pascall Lump family may have you reconsidering your crunchy or chewy preference.

Pascall New Zealand spokeswoman Nicola Robertson says: “We know loyal Pascall and Hokey Pokey fans will have strong opinions on how to best enjoy this new treat when sharing a pack with their family and friends. Chewy or crunchy – we want to hear what they think.”

Now available in supermarkets and petrol stations, the limited-edition Hokey Pokey Flavour Lumps draw on the iconic honey-comb crunch and are coated in dark chocolate.

“Whether it’s home-made honeycomb or Hokey Pokey ice-cream, Hokey Pokey is known as an iconic Kiwi treat so we’re really excited for New Zealanders to try our take on this flavour,” says Robertson.

It’s not the first time Pascall has recreated their Lumps. In years gone by the confectionery company has turned out L&P Lumps, Snifters Lumps, Perky Nana Lumps and Jaffas Lumps.

When L&P Lumps hit shelves in 2020, Kiwis were unsure about the decision to mash two favourite sweet treats together.

Taking to social media, one punter wrote: “This is controversial. Pineapple Lumps and L&P are iconic in their own right. Mashing them together is risky.”

Another sceptic asked: “Why mess with something so iconic?”

As Pascall’s latest mash-up arrives in stores, Kiwis have been quick to comment on the announcement online.

While one was initially confused by the packaging - “Oh phew when i saw the picture i was like eww cheee so relieved its hokey pokey [sic]” - others have tagged in friends promising to pick up a pack to share.