Otago sales figures for June in the doldrums

The house sale median price across Otago fell $2750, or 1.2%, in June compared with May. Prices fell 4% in Dunedin but rose 14% in South Otago.

House sales volumes fall as winter settles in

Fewer properties selling

Compared with June last year, the median price fell by $10,000, or 4.1%. Prices fell 21% in South Otago, and 3% in both North Otago and Dunedin.

Sales volumes fell 21% compared with June last year. Sales fell 31% in South Otago and 23% in Dunedin.

Compared with May, sales volumes fell 27% in June.

Sales were down 27% in Dunedin, 21% in North Otago and 17% in South Otago. Sales in Dunedin, at 115 for June, were the lowest in recent years outside of the usual January slowdown.

The number of days to sell in Otago increased from 40 days in May to 41 days in June.

Compared with June last year, the number of days to sell increased by two days.

Over the past 10 years, the number of days to sell in June in Otago had been 42.

Real Estate Institute regional director Liz Nidd said buyer interest seemed to be improving, but the lack of new property to the market was still keeping sales at ''critically low levels''.

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