Dylan to Beethoven via hip-hop

The sounds of summer are all around. But, what are the musicians themselves listening to? Nigel Benson finds out.

Graeme Downes
Graeme Downes
Graeme Downes
Age: 51.
Occupation: Music lecturer.

What sort of music do you listen to on the road?
Naturally it alternates. Recently I've been revisiting Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited and hip-hop artist Immortal Technique. In between, I've been working through the complete string quartets of Beethoven by the Borodin Quartet.

What songs are on your turntable/CD player/iPod this summer?
Hopefully, I'll be checking mixes and mastering of the new Verlaines album by then.

What is an album you recommend?
On the basis of current listening, the Dylan album for sure and Opus 135 in the Borodin's interpretation of Beethoven is pretty fine.

What is your perfect summer music scene?
Summer is usually my writing period, so tunes unwritten that I don't know the name of yet. Am feeling a revisiting of Mahler's Symphonies again. They don't play well in the car. Too extreme to hear the quiet bits and the loud bits take the windows out.


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