Third time pluck from Lady Gaga

Shane Gilchrist presents a special Summer Times selection of albums worth exploring. Today: Lady Gaga's third long-player, Born This Way.

Who: New York fashionista-singer Lady Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta, came to the world's attention on her aptly named 2008 debut, The Fame, which included the hits Poker Face, Just Dance and Bad Romance. That album sold 15 million copies and earned Gaga two Grammy awards (she was nominated for six) and was followed two years later by The Fame Monster.

About the album: From the title track to the slightly obvious lyricism of Judas to the electro-funk of Electric Chapel and on, there's no shortage of big, brassy dance bangers amid the 17 songs (there's also a half-dozen bonus tracks) here. However, Gaga trips on her high heels when she attempts to get all sensitive, such as on Hair, where she comes across like a Gwyneth Paltrow cameo on Glee. It's much better when she crosses the pop bombast of Cher with the otherworldly forays of David Bowie.

Highlight: Scheibe

For those who like: Madonna

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