Inspirational results

Logan Park High School is a school unlike any other.

There is no secret to its success: rather than running an education production line, it inspires individuals.

Logan Park High School has a well-deserved reputation for being the premier hub of creativity in the Dunedin secondary education sphere. It is certainly true that a disproportionate number of the city's high achievers in every field, whether academic, creative, sport, leadership, or service, have been fostered and nurtured by the dynamic supportive "blue sky'' thinking the school embodies and encourages.

Logan Park is in the business of growing young people. The talented staff are learning experts, able to ensure that all students discover the necessary knowledge and skills to place them confidently on the road to becoming lifelong learners.

Some highlights from 2017 were winning the Otago Stage Challenge, as well as the Otago Rockquest competition.

Logan Park High School students continue to excel in NCEA qualifications. In New Zealand's premier academic NZQA Scholarship exams its students won 28 scholarships; more than any other school in Otago/Southland.

Logan Park 2017 graduates won over $450,000 in university scholarships last year, including securing the most prestigious New Zealand university scholarships.

Ex-students have distinguished themselves in almost every area: medicine, law, film, theatre, gaming, programming, construction, sports, academia, teaching, marketing, and writing, to name a few.

Whether you are into art, chemistry, maths, languages, film-making, technology, drama, sports, or the environment, they'll help you design a course that challenges and excites you.

Every year the school welcomes new students at every year level.

Logan Park High School knows that students need to feel happy and to belong in order to flourish. The staff work hard to make the school a caring, kind, and inclusive community where everyone can find their place, make good friends, and discover their potential.

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