Inclusion, Respect, Excellence

Inclusion, Respect, Excellence

“Where a sense of belonging is fostered . . .

At King’s, boys receive numerous ways to feel connected to the school, their learning and growth, and to each other. We work hard to develop positive experiences and constructive camaraderie so our young men have a sense of belonging to the school as one of the ‘King’s Men’. Strong links extend across the year levels in daily House group sessions, providing individual growth from the group support. This encourages friendship, respect and leadership throughout the school; three of our priorities here at King’s. Student Peer Support Leaders and Year 13 Tutors build positive relationships with younger boys as they help them to navigate through subjects or the challenges of adolescence. The King’s Men Programme also teaches confidence and important values, and our three Guidance Counsellors provide valuable support that fosters belonging to King’s when pastoral care is provided.

. . . and learning and personal excellence are valued highly . . .

The main goal at King’s is to strive to be ‘better than before’ and to emerge as a good man in the making. Our primary focus is personal excellence; boys achieve outstanding academic results locally and nationally. This is followed closely by a rich array of fantastic arts, cultural and sporting opportunities and accomplishments. In these our boys continue to thrive. Our young men frequently recognise and celebrate their peers’ successes at Blues ceremonies, in our weekly newsletter and at assembly, or in the classroom when daily gains are made. We believe it is important to understand, acknowledge and nurture each boy for who he is and who he can be, while learning, and growing alongside us during his time at King’s.

. . . and creativity is encouraged”

The imagination, flair and creativity that young men can express or bring to bear in response to a task, can never be underestimated. We are privileged to help our boys to discover and develop their talents and personal strengths and to support them in becoming the creative thinkers and producers we need for New Zealand’s future. Inclusion, Respect, Excellence