Brockville Full Primary School

Brockville is a full primary school that provides for years 1-8, with a focus on individual progress and growth. They offer English and Maori medium learning, and cater for a diverse range of cultures within the school.

A mindset towards growth and selfdevelopment is strongly emphasised throughout the school, instilling a love of learning within every student. Learning is driven through the school values of respect, excellence, and determination. Brockville has an extensive EOTC programme, which includes museum overnight stays, camps, and termly excursions.

Students have plenty of opportunity to build on their talents through a diverse range of cultural, sporting, and musical activities available to them over the school week.

Brockville’s fantastic team of teachers and support staff, and school community, ensure a culture of high expectations and all-round achievement and progress.

For further information, contact the school office on (03) 476-3717.