Taieri Beach School

Above and left: Taieri Beach School pupils are building their own Bug City Development.
Above and left: Taieri Beach School pupils are building their own Bug City Development.

SITUATED in a rural scenic paradise, a short commute south ofDunedin city, Taieri Beach School is committed to growing a community of happy, creative, confident lifelong learners within a nature-based learning philosophy. The learning environment is friendly, calm and inclusive, based on the belief that children learn best when they are relaxed and happy. Interesting individualised programmes are provided within small class-sizes, enabling all children to receive daily one-on-one support catering to their individual strengths and interests.

Surrounded by native bush and visited by friendly native birds, Taieri Beach School is the perfect setting for a nature-based learning environment. This approach encourages children to enjoy and interact with nature; to learn in nature, about nature and from nature. Research has shown that quality time outdoors in nature can have positive academic and mental-health benefits.

Currently, the children are in the process of building their own Bug City Development. They applied for and were granted Resource Consent from the Clutha District Council. Written approval has been gained from the closest neighbour, who may be affected by the increase in bug activity and noise generated by the new residential Bug City Development. Stage one of the development includes building residential houses, a school, a cafe´, a high-rise apartment block, and a recycling centre. Future plans include an airport, further residential housing subdivision, a daycare centre, a playground, and a police station. The challenge for the children will be to create and maintain good sustainable living conditions for every single bug in residence at Bug City.

Taieri Beach School is well resourced with two modern learning classrooms, up-to-date IT facilities, extensive library, expansive playground and sportsfield, school vegetable gardens with a propagating shed, and indoor swimming pool.

If you wish to know more about this unique school, please contact Dr Gloria Penrice: principal@taieribeach.school.nz 

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