Taieri Beach School

Leading educational providers recognise the importance of children enjoying and interacting with nature, learning in nature, about nature and from nature. Situated within walking distance of the beach, wetlands, bush, river and forest, Taieri Beach School is the perfect setting for a nature-based learning environment. Quality time outdoors and in nature has a calming effect, and, at the same time, invigorates, teaches and helps develop connections with other people and the natural environment. Research has shown this approach to teaching and learning has positive mental, physical, social and academic benefits.

Teaching Principal, Dr Gloria Penrice, and her enthusiastic, experienced staff strongly believe in encouraging curiosity and creativity as a way of engaging and motivating children in their learning. They are passionate about children experiencing the fun and wonder of discovering new knowledge through practical hands-on student-led activities within a meaningful context.

Children receive one-on-one support catering to their individual strengths and interests. This ensures children get the maximum benefit out of their educational experiences and succeed to the best of their ability in all areas of the curriculum. They are actively encouraged to engage with IT to complement and enhance their learning programme, thereby empowering themselves in the digital age.

Taieri Beach School has two well-resourced modern classrooms, an extensive library, expansive playground and sports field, school vegetable garden and orchard, propagating shed, indoor swimming pool, and one-to-one digital devices provided by the Board.

If you wish to know more about this unique school, located within a short commute from Dunedin and Milton, please contact Dr Gloria Penrice: principal@taieribeach.school.nz or (03) 481-7890

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