Workplace Support - Southern


Workplace Support is an independent employee assistance provider, which since 1965 has believed in enhancing workplace wellbeing by caring for people at work. Specialised wellbeing services include:
Therapeutic assistance for individuals, couples and families, confidential care provided by professionally accredited practitioners.
On-site staff support:
Our staff supporters partner with your organisation to ‘enhance workplace wellbeing’ through their independent, proactive, early intervention within your workplace.
Alcohol and other drug brief intervention: 
Designed to enable employees to reduce alcohol and other drug use and explore ways of working towards change and enhancing wellbeing.
Professional supervision:
Confidentially reviews and develops your work practice with professional external support to enhance work skills.
Training and development workshops:
Workshops provide training to assist in enhancing workplace wellbeing, utilising best practice models.
Management/leadership coaching:
Assist those in leadership roles to reflect on and develop leadership competencies.
Career transition:
Review your career options and develop a clear vision for positive change.