From drug addict to counsellor – how Heath Te Au turned his life around

Heath Te Au was having the time of his life as an upcoming musician in Dunedin, but his life took a turn when he fell into the dark world of drug addiction.

He’s in the unique position of having been on both sides of Southern DHB – firstly, as a patient of the Community for Alcohol and Drugs Services (CADS) and currently, as an Alcohol and Drug Clinician helping others recover from their addictions.

Now, his story is part of a series of short videos Southern DHB has launched to showcase real patient experiences, sharing their journeys through the Southern health system.

Through their experiences, we can learn more about our patients and how we can improve our services, as well as acknowledge our amazing staff and the important roles they play in providing care and support across our health system.

Watch the video series here:


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