Southland Hospital Volunteers - making a difference to patients, staff and visitors

Pink lady volunteers: Lucille Cook, Noeleen Little, Isla Thompson and Bev Lockett
Pink lady volunteers: Lucille Cook, Noeleen Little, Isla Thompson and Bev Lockett

They’re an institution at Southland Hospital and now the ‘Pink Ladies’ are looking for new members to join their ranks.

The Southland Hospital Volunteers, who originally wore pink uniforms, have been an indispensable part of the health care services in Southland since they started out some 35 years ago.

Whether staffing the gift shop, refreshing flowers on the wards or taking the gift shop trolley around to sell snacks, newspapers and magazines, the volunteers help support patients, staff and visitors, all while raising funds to help make a visit or a stay at the hospital a little more pleasant.

“All the money we raise goes back into Southland Hospital or to the Hospice,” says Noeleen Little, who has been a volunteer for eight years.

The charitable trust raises and distributes thousands of dollars annually and, over the years, has purchased televisions, recliners, books and computer tablets, as well as specialist medical and rehab equipment.

Trust chair Lynley Kelland says all new volunteers are welcome and applications can be picked up at the gift shop.
As for the skills required: “Honesty and a good sense of humour are absolute musts!”


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