Wake up and eat the veges to get a good start

Starting the day with vegetables sets us up well for our daily challenges and supports our long-term health and wellbeing.

There are many countries in the world who have never moved away from this concept, i.e. Japan, Iceland and Israel. Vegetables, because of their lower natural sugar content and high-fibre credentials, take precedence over cereals and fruits for breakfast options. On this page is a recipe for an easy frittata which can be modified throughout the seasons to include any veges you have on hand.

This is a wonderful breakfast, brunch or lunch option to set you up for a balanced day while using up wilting veges.

Another important strategy to prevent disease, support health and extend our lifespan is hormesis. Small stress-inducing acts actually help our body to activate healing and survival mechanisms and we can function better.

Examples include not eating or drinking calories for 12-16 hours overnight (fasting) and finishing your shower off with cold water for around two minutes, or as long as you can manage.

Short bursts of sprinting three-four times a week as well as strength training to challenge muscles can also be beneficial.

Incorporate foods rich in phytochemicals such as berries, turmeric, broccoli, green tea, buckwheat and mushrooms as these all support longevity.

If you have health conditions or would like to know if this would be suited to you, I would recommend seeing a nutritionist or naturopath.

 - Opinion by Deanna Copland