Extreme Fitness Challenge: Wednesday sucked...but I crushed it today!

Quick chat to Phil about how the week went
Quick chat to Phil about how the week went
Week 3 Day 9: I'm half way there! I've just completed 3 weeks of one of the most full-on fitness programmes and I feel awesome, especially compared to Wednesday's session where I came down on myself a little too hard...(that sucked).

What an awesome day today was!

Not only did I finish but I wasn't the last to finish!! It was an amazing feeling.

Wednesday's session was a bit of a kick in the teeth but I got through today bursting with pride!

We began with the usual warm-up but to be honest, it's not so much a "warm up" but more of a pre-workout or mini-workout)

I think that the average person (a person like me) would consider the warm-up an actual workout in and of itself.

Below is a glimpse at the warm-up and the rest of the day's workout (yes, we do all that in 40 minutes!)


Here's a breakdown of today's session:

I alternate the following exercises:

1 clean press (with the heaviest weight you can possibly lift) 1 chin up
2 clean presses followed by 2 chin ups
3 clean presses (here I've dropped the weight down a little) followed by 3 chin ups
4 clean presses followed by 4 chin ups

I continue these all the way up to 10 as fast as I can.

In my clean and press I got myself in the lip with the weight, youch!! Luckily, I didn't get a fat lip which would have made for another great battle wound to show to your guys!

The fun's not over yet let's continue:

1 sumo box jump 1 atomic press up
2 sumo box jumps 2 atomic press ups
3 sumo box jumps 3 atomic press ups
4 sumo box jumps 4 atomic press ups

I continue these as fast as I can all the way up to 10

Below: A quick post-workout talk about the week that was (including me admitting to Phil that I felt like chucking in the towel):


Today was hard but I had help from the awesome Phil who doesn't give me a break for a second! I've noticed that I like the pushing it helps me get through the workout. I know I would probably quit otherwise.

Phil is always encouraging me to keep moving, keep pushing. Hit the reset, count to 5 and keep going.

It was so amazing to look on the whiteboard today and see my name not last! What a buzz!

See you next session!  

- Dunedin hairdresser Emma Rastrick has bravely decided to take on World Fitness Centre's TribeFIT training programme with the aim of getting in shape in just six weeks.  

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