Go from 'fat storer' to fat burner (Part I)

Getting into debt sucks. But when it comes to losing fat, debt can be your best friend! Gary Sturgess, Professional Fitness Coach and Snap Fitness Club manager explains how to use "Fat Debt" to flip the calorie-burning switch to burn more fat even while you sleep! Sound far-fetched? 

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One of the biggest factors in losing fat is understanding why our body seems to fight us every step of the way on our quest to look good.

Here's the simple truth: your body is built for survival first and foremost and is not concerned with "looking hot for summer". Fat is the body's "safety fuel" and is vital for it to function and survive in times of famine. So, naturally, the body will resist any idea of "losing fat" (especially for women).

The problem is that food is everywhere, it's abundant, but your body still operates almost exactly as it did 50,000-plus years ago and will store fat above and beyond healthy requirements. We'll look at how to get around this shortly.

Here's another ancient mechanism we need to understand to lose fat:

The other survival mechanism is adaptation. Nature has designed your body to adapt to stress. This is helpful because it allows you to personally evolve, but when it comes to losing fat it becomes a HUGE barrier.

The question is, can we use these ancient mechanisms to actually help us burn fat?

The short answer is: yes!

We do this by creating a form of "fat debt" by using exercise in a specific way. Let me explain:

When you first start an exercise programme your body shifts into a kind of "shock" that forces it to use up more fuel than it ordinarily would, which we fitness folk call "caloric debt".

When your body has been subjected to a new physical stress (in this case a good stress) that it's not used to, you create a caloric/energy debt and your body has to scramble to find more fuel to convert into energy to repay that debt. In other words, your body will now dip into your "fat-savings account".

We've managed to get that fat-storing mechanism to reverse itself but now we have another challenge to overcome.

After about two weeks, survival mechanism no.2 steps in to "help out" and adapts your body to this new stress while using less fuel. We fitness folk call this becoming "efficient", i.e. your fat-burning campaign is about to slow to a crawl.

The solution is simple: In the next article you'll learn what's needed to overcome this and also the types of movements that are fantastic for fat loss Click Here To Read "From Fat Storer To Fat Burner Part II"

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Glen Sturgess is a personal trainer and club manager at Snap Fitness and has led the charge against body-fat for hundreds of personal clients by using his Body-Shock BOOTCAMP group fitness classes. If you're looking to get into shape for summer then you can apply for his Body-Shock BOOTCAMP. Numbers are limited so please ask if there are spaces available.

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