Triceps peeking out exciting development

Otago Daily Times Queenstown bureau chief Tracey Roxburgh documents her progress in the 12-week Revive programme at Alpine Health and Fitness.

Dear Diary ...

Saturday, November 17

Saw triceps today, Diary - excited me greatly. Admittedly, had to "flex" in order to see them, but they are definitely there.

Intended to go for a walk this morning, but bed was too comfy.

Then planned a walk after work, but it started raining.

Sunday, November 18

Buoyed by discovery of triceps, went to Pump this evening and found back row buddy, the lovely Margo Berryman, there. I like back row - feel safe there and also is easier to express level of pain without (too many) others seeing it. That didn't work tonight.

Muscles felt like they were on fire and cramping simultaneously. At one point basically curled up on floor and moaned. Margo was very encouraging. Because of yesterday's lack of physical activity, also made myself go up Tobin's Track.

Decided I wasn't going to stop to take in view from top; instead did a 180 at the summit and kept moving. Think I burned a few extra calories on descent, largely due to some excellent music on iPod, which made me perform pseudo-interpretive dance while walking.

Monday, November 19

Today was great day, Diary!Started with Haylee who made skip ... not up and down gym like happy child but with rope. Was paranoid would accidentally clock someone in face with skipping rope.

This afternoon thought would make start on Christmas shopping. When I managed to get skinny jeans on without having to jump them up, thought maybe it was time to try some things on. And Diary, things fitted me!Am no longer "in-between" size of nine weeks ago.

Felt so good about this did RPM tonight with Margo.

Instructor tried to make us do dance moves while biking ...

did not participate due to fear removing hands from handlebars would result in sideways topple.

Tuesday, November 20

Decided to go through wardrobe and try on things which have, for about two years, been on snug side.

Actually, they've been skin tight (imagine female version of the Hulk ... without the muscles. Or the green). There are also things purchased as "motivation" - things I bought a bit too small, but thought I would get lots of wear out of them after planned weight loss ... which, of course, would occur as a result of copious amounts of eating, drinking and couch sitting.

Instead, they looked lovely hanging in wardrobe.

Realised do not need to go shopping - have entire wardrobe full of barely-been-worn of clothes, which now fit me. Hallelujah!

Wednesday, November 21

We are entering business end of Revive - about three and a-half weeks to go. Yikes.

Haylee's getting tough on what goes in mouth.

Looks like salad and I are going to have to learn to like each other again, because pretty much everything else is inching towards banned substance list.

Tonight Haylee took us on recce of Jack's Point course ahead of final Frontrunner series race on Saturday ...

which we are all expected to complete. Am anxious about this, Diary - yogging on treadmill is one thing; yogging outside is different story entirely. And there is really big hill near the start. Hills and I have never seen eye to eye and while walking uphill is proving slightly easier, fear yogging up it is completely out of question.

Is for this reason nearly fell off chair when Adrian Bailey sent me message inquiring if I would be doing "interval training" at Jack's Point on Saturday and going to "take on the mountain marathon" in February.

Before had time to question if he'd lost marbles, he followed up with another message ...

"Sorry Tracey, wrong Tracey".

Thursday, November 21

My idea of treats has changed.

For example, lovely fresh juice made with lovely juicer from lovely boyfriend has become highlight of day. And sometimes I eat one - or two - tiny little oat berry biscuits while drinking a cup of tea at night. I genuinely look forward to that (is tragic but true).

Being told these should disappear from food diary has displeased me greatly ... seems my reaction to disappearing of treats has not changed at all.

Heart sank a little bit, Diary, and think bottom lip may have jutted out a tiny bit.

Am worried about what to use as motivation over next 24 days given juice is on banned substance list, as is tea and - most certainly - oat biscuits.

They have been replaced by water. Water is not enough to motivate me. Wine, however, is.

So, decided this afternoon for next 24 days when the going gets tough am going to think solely of Amisfield, which is where Blue Team is going to celebrate the end of Revive with lunch. And wine.

Friday, November 22

Ran into fellow Blue Team member Neeta Shetty today.

She did not recognise me in "normal" clothes - understandable given for more than two months we've only seen each other in grotty gym gear.

I too did double take ... Neeta was carrying banned substance - McDonald's cheeseburger.

Following quick interrogation Neeta told me was for her daughter Sydney ... given Neeta doesn't even eat meat thought this was feasible.

Given my insatiable desire to consume burgers and chips, took much inner strength not to prise paper bag from Neeta and stuff its contents into my mouth.

Thought about what long-term effects those actions may have on the adorable small child and exercised phenomenal restraint to sip on water instead.

Also keep telling myself by the time am allowed to eat banned substances, probably won't want them anymore.

Think this is what they call reverse psychology.

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