Completely composed, life model confides

Life drawing model Rhia Robb. PHOTO: CHRISTINE O'CONNOR
Life drawing model Rhia Robb. PHOTO: CHRISTINE O'CONNOR
Life drawing model Rhia Robb went from being a bundle of nerves as a first-timer to a regular who has become so relaxed she has gone to sleep while posing.

Miss Robb, who has three children and is a master's student studying social policy, has been a regular life drawing model for the past couple of years, modelling while pregnant and breastfeeding.

"After my pregnancy with my second child I thought, `My body's amazing, I can run, I can have babies, I can do these things'."

She also recognised she was getting closer to 40 (she is 37), and wanted "a story when I'm older".

Of her first time as a model, Miss Robb said she was extremely nervous.

"I knew it was one of those things; I just had to drop my robe and do it.

"I was in the middle of the room, there were about 20 people.

"It was just like `drop your robe', and I did, and I was naked in front of 20 people."

She said during her first stint she perspired a lot, was "quite uptight" and strongly aware of her feelings of modesty in front of younger and older people, and men.

Now, however, it was just a job

"It doesn't bother me any more.

"I feel capable, confident, they're not there to critique me; more than anything they're concerned about their line or their drawing, they're not there to judge me."

She had modelled right through her youngest son's pregnancy, and taken him to life drawing sessions, allowing the art students to draw while she breastfed.

"It's a good little job.

"I like it; it makes me think about my body in different ways.

"I'm not really concerned at this point in my life about wrinkles or cellulite or things like that, and it's quite nice to just see beauty in the shape and the change."

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