Homes lost in Victoria bushfires

Several homes have been razed by a bushfire in Victoria's east and four firefighters were involved in a burn-over in the Glenmaggie area.

The blaze, which started in Aberfeldy, had grown from about 950 hectares at 7pm (AEDT) last night to 25,000 hectares late this morning.

A southwesterly wind change means the fire is now moving in a northeasterly direction.

An updated CFA emergency warning was issued this morning for Lake Glenmaggie, Dawson, Glenmaggie, Heyfield and Seaton. The fire is moving through these areas now.

Incident controller Laurie Jeremiah said several properties had been destroyed but he was unable to confirm the exact number or locations.

"A number of the spot fires in and around Seaton and Glenmaggie are now joining up so we have many, many properties that we now need to do an inspection of to make sure everybody's accounted for," he told ABC Radio.

A family had to rescued from their Seaton property, ABC Television reported.

They were safe but their home was destroyed.

A State Control Centre spokeswoman said she could confirm one home had been lost but not its location.

She said four firefighters had to take shelter in their truck as the Glenmaggie blaze passed over them.

"They are all okay," she told AAP.

"They would have been working around the fire front and just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The fire truck was still able to be used, she said.

A spot fire at nearby Coongulla has been contained but the town was bracing for further break-outs.

"If there is one spot fire then I'm expecting there will be more," Mr Jeremiah said.

About 60km to the north, the tiny township of Licola is isolated. Flames surround the town and have cut off the only road in and out.

Residents still in Licola have been advised of shelter options including private bunkers, neighbourhood safe places or bodies of water, such as dams.

Licola Wilderness Village program manager Cherry Wake said 61 children and 15 adults left the holiday village, which has a school adventure camp and caravan park, on Thursday night.

About 10 staff and 20 caravan park residents remained in the village, Ms Wake said.

"We're all pretty calm. We've prepared as much as we can, It's (now) sit and wait."

Half the residents in the area are CFA trained and fire-ready, Ms Wake said.

"We're feeling as prepared as we can be.

"We're trying to keep things moist, got sprinklers on and manning the phones."

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