University of Otago graduands

About 260 graduands in education, teaching and pharmacy will graduate from the University of Otago in person at a ceremony at the Dunedin Town Hall at 3pm today.

About 60 graduands will graduate in absentia.


Doctor of Philosophy
Christopher Dawson Caradus; Alexandra Patricia Kafka.

Master of Arts
Judith Layland (née Greathead), childhood and youth studies, with distinction; John Forsyth Taylor, education, with credit.

Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Teaching
Lisa Patricia Brockbank, graduate diploma in teaching: in secondary education.

Bachelor of Science
Soh Woon Lim

Master of Teaching
Shelley Ann Peters, with credit.

Bachelor of Education
Kim Michelle Allan; Clare Rete Kydd.

Bachelor of Education Studies
Jaye Roimata Cavaye-Astle (endorsed in music education).

Bachelor of Teaching
Shannon Manu Alexander (endorsed in early childhood education); Stacey Elizabeth Allen (endorsed in early childhood education); Tyler Joseph William Allen (endorsed in primary education); Katie Louise Ashton (endorsed in early childhood education); Alana Stephanie Baird (endorsed in primary education); Anna Jayne Black (endorsed in early childhood education); Hannah Jane Blair (endorsed in primary education); Aimee Jasmine Booth (endorsed in primary education); Freya Ellen Buckley (endorsed in primary education); Tamara Kate Butler (endorsed in primary education); Greir Hayley Campbell (endorsed in primary education); Courtney Naomi Cloake (endorsed in primary education); Katie Anne Connor (endorsed in early childhood education); Abby Elizabeth de Groot (endorsed in primary education); Matthew John Direen (endorsed in primary education); Gordon Peter Edwards (endorsed in primary education); Megan Claire Edwards (endorsed in early childhood education); Megan Marie Fenemor (endorsed in primary education); Daniel Court Finlayson (endorsed in primary education); Melissa Ann Flowers (endorsed in early childhood education); Natasha Jean Foote (endorsed in primary education); Kylie Jayne Forrest (endorsed in primary education); Leeanne Keri Gee (endorsed in early childhood education); Karina Frances Giblin (endorsed in early childhood education); Chloe Charlotte Gibson (endorsed in early childhood education); Eugene Leroy Vernon Carlos Gibson (endorsed in primary education); Melissa Jane Hodder (endorsed in early childhood education); Kelly Lynne Holden (endorsed in primary education); Rebecca Heather King (endorsed in primary education); Sarah June Lowe (endorsed in primary education); Renee Louise McAuley (endorsed in primary education); James Edward McCarthy (endorsed in primary education); Georgina Lynn McCulloch (endorsed in primary education); Sonita Eraana Tuninia McErlean (endorsed in primary education); Kylie Rebekah McEwen (endorsed in early childhood education); Nicole Julie McMath (endorsed in primary education); Jessica Jane Sinclair Marsden (endorsed in primary education); Sophie Jo Mawson (endorsed in primary education); Emma Rachel Meffan (endorsed in primary education); Grace Michelle Messina (endorsed in early childhood education); Emily Ann Mumm (endorsed in early childhood education); Kelly Anne Newlands (endorsed in primary education); Michelle Kay O'Malley-Scott (endorsed in early childhood education); Rachel Maly Marie Palmer (endorsed in early childhood education); Chloe Anne Jessica Perry (endorsed in early childhood education); Nicholas James Price (endorsed in primary education); Elizabeth Jennifer Reynolds (endorsed in primary education); Paula Joy Ross (endorsed in primary education); Byron Travis Sanders (endorsed in primary education); Aimee Leigh Sandri (endorsed in primary education); Courtney Kathleen Shaw (endorsed in early childhood education); Danelle Anna Smith (endorsed in early childhood education); Theresa Mary Souness (endorsed in early childhood education); Samantha Neen Steele (endorsed in primary education); Joshua Terrance Sullivan (endorsed in primary education); Erin Holly Tarbotton (endorsed in primary education); Sophie Moana Te Tana (endorsed in primary education); Katie Gail Thomas (endorsed in early childhood education); Suzanne Claire Thomas (endorsed in primary education); Amy Lisa May Tinker (endorsed in early childhood education); Jessica Leigh Trounson (endorsed in primary education); Christopher Martin Valli (endorsed in primary education); Jaimee Louise Taryna van Betuw (endorsed in early childhood education); Tess Olivia Waddington (endorsed in early childhood education); Michelle Ellen Walker (endorsed in primary education); Kate Elizabeth Ward (endorsed in primary education); Emma Louise Watson (endorsed in primary education); Bryce Phillip Webster (endorsed in primary education); Jodie Anne Whyte (endorsed in primary education); Lavinia Charlotte Mary Whyte (endorsed in early childhood education); Alison Kate Williamson (endorsed in early childhood education); Kathryn Ellen Wilson (endorsed in early childhood education); Rebekah Sarah Connell Winter (endorsed in early childhood education).

Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)
Mara Doretta Vilich Blucher; Abby Jayne Bonis; Brydie Kate Donald; Sandra Kay Gibbs.

Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science
Ji Seon Kim.

Bachelor of Pharmacy
Kiri Louise Aikman, with credit; Rachel Jemima Anderson, with credit; Aditya Pradeep Athale, with credit; Khairul Ariffin Bin Mohamed; Sarah Katherine Bushby, with distinction; Hilda Elizabeth Carr, with credit; Katrina Zoe Carter, with credit; Charlotte Chia Ying Chai, with credit; Steven Shyh Hui Chang, with credit; Johanna Tze Sheng Cheng, with credit; Nina Chhanabhai, with credit; Andrea Weisan Cho, with credit; Thomas Won Ki Choi, with credit; Won Jun Chung; Amanda Ellen Cook, with credit; Ben Stuart Emery, with credit; Yuan Fan, with credit; Stephanie Amanda Firth, with credit; Rachel Maree Gander; Jaala May Goodwin, with credit; Megan Leigh Grant; Jeremy Ivan Grooby, with credit; Holly Mamatu Harris, with credit; Emma Michelle Henchman, with distinction; Euna Hwang; Emilia Paulina Keast, with credit; Sana Nadiah Khalil; Edwin Wei Loong Khoo; Helen Kim, with credit; Jae Na Kim, with credit; Sol Kim, with credit; Chien Yun Koh, with credit; Li Jing Kong, with distinction; Mina Meenal Kumar, with credit; Han Saem Lee; Jae In Lee, with credit; Ju Hee Lee; Rebekah Seung Ji Lee; Seonhwa Lee; Ka Mun Leong; Chen-hao Liao; Jiani Lim, with credit; Ho Che Arthur Liu, with credit; Marissa Liu; Tsung-Han Lu, with credit; Koon Lam Anson Lui, with credit; Rachael Claire McKinnon, with credit; Ryan Patrick McNamara, with credit; Patricia Marimuthu, with credit; Danielle Claudine Maulder; Benjamin Zin Loong Mok; Seung Hoon Na, with credit; Lye Jinn Ng, with credit; Vincent Chun Wei Ng; Elsa Margarette Norvill, with credit; Patrick William O'Connell, with credit; Andrea Ashleigh O'Malley; Amanda Maree Owen; Benny Pan, with credit; Hamish Ian Pankhurst; Hong Jung Park; Su Sern Samuel Pau, with distinction; Kelly Jane Pentecost, with credit; Charity Sze Min Png, with credit; Allister Richard Prosser, with credit; Benjamin Uei-Luen Pu; Qiwen Pu; Hye Jin Pyun; Shan Shan Qi, with credit; Vishalini Ravichandran; Ahmad Saeed Reda; Qui Ngoc Reitzig, with credit; Sampos Reth, with distinction; Benjamin Leon Robertson, with distinction; Laleh Emelia Salehi; Sashika Jayamali Samaranayaka; Ran Seol; Peter Bahgat Amin Fanous Shenoda Shenoda; Kang Chul Shin; Presant Gobindjit Singh, with credit; Supischada Sirichai, with credit; Beatrice Jing Xian Tan, with credit; Natalie Sze Chiaw Tan, with credit; Sarah Diane Tatton, with credit; Louise Alice Thomas, with credit; Helen Claire Thrower; Michael Siong Lik Ting, with credit; Everard Nicholas William Tolerton, with credit; Jessica Kaniddha Meas Ung; Charles Stephen Walker; Jungyun Wang; Shung Wang, with credit; Yao-Ching Wang, with credit; Kai Wing Wong; Park Ung Wong; Jenny Chien-Yu Wu, with credit; Yun-Ching Jenny Wu; Cindy Yang, with credit; Sharon Yun-Hua Yang, with credit; Esther Seow Yieng Yap, with distinction; Ho Geun Yun; Haochen Zhou.

Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Diploma for Graduates
Phillippa Jane Sutton, graduate diploma in teaching: in secondary education.

Graduate Diploma in Teaching
Sarah Jane Aarts, in secondary education; Julia Clare Aitken, in secondary education; Justene Allen, in secondary education; Michael Russel Anderson, in secondary education; Nina Louise Barbezat, in secondary education; Alec James Ramsay Benson, in secondary education; Lawrence Thomas Bishop, in secondary education; Simone Holly Blyde, in secondary education; Jacqueline Mavis Braid, in secondary education; Kim Brash, in secondary education; Freya Elisabeth Averil Broughton-Ansin, in secondary education; Heather Anne Brown, in secondary education; Susan Alice Buckley, in secondary education; Roslynne Caird, in secondary education; Sacha Jade Dobson, in secondary education; Steven Henry Drury, in secondary education; Brigid Ruth Eley, in secondary education; Troy Bradley England, in secondary education; Stephanie Hughena Fletcher, in secondary education; Matthew Campbell Flockton, in secondary education; Torina Maree Halford, in secondary education; Simon James Harbott, in secondary education; Louise Ellen Harvey, in secondary education; Adam Jones, in secondary education; Hamish Laurence Jones, in secondary education; Lucy Anne Keenan, in secondary education; Anna Beth Kelly, in secondary education; Rebecca Emily Kerr, in secondary education; Darcy Theodore Knyvett, in secondary education; Jen-Yi Kuo, in secondary education; Govinda Lascelles, in secondary education; Clement Andrew Lind, in secondary education; Campbell Richard David Lowe, in secondary education; Taryn Leigh McLeod, in secondary education; Philippa Lee Marshall, in secondary education; Kelsey Jayne Mason, in secondary education; Nicholas Daniel Mills, in secondary education; Richard Charles Mountain, in secondary education; Vicky Maryanne Nixon, in secondary education; Alison Jessie Palmer, in secondary education; Carla Lucille Atanua Poulton, in secondary education; Emma Kate Radka, in secondary education; Victoria Helen Raybould, in secondary education; Newton Samuel Swain Rewi, in secondary education; Nicola Kate Ridden, in secondary education; Kirsten Jane Robertson, in secondary education; Connaire Andree Roughan, in secondary education; Lucy Margaret Sheppard, in secondary education; Cara Jane Sibtsen, in secondary education; Tomoka Takemura, in secondary education; Toni Marie Taylor, in secondary education; Terri Leigh Tuhakaraina, in secondary education; Grant Laszlo Ven, in secondary education; Graham Mark Weatherly, in secondary education; Gemma Leigh Webb, in secondary education; Kyle Christopher Robert Webb, in secondary education; Jennifer Rosaline Weggery, in secondary education; Kathryn Anne Weir, in secondary education; Linda Jean Whyte, in secondary education; Karen Lorraine Wilson, in secondary education; Angela Margaret Wright, in secondary education; Virginia Marie Young, in secondary education.

Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Teaching
James Maurice Windle (endorsed in clinical teaching).

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy
Rachel Karen Gray, with distinction; Olivia Robyn Johnson, with distinction; Jennifer Mary McElroy, with credit.

Diploma in Business Administration
Jeremy Paul Burton, with credit.


Doctor of Philosophy
Kavitha Chandra Sekhara Menon.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)
Jane Elizabeth Josephine Mawson.

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Honours
Catriona Lucy McFarlane, second class (division I).

Bachelor of Education
Anita Charmaine Brown; Jennifer Elizabeth Brown (née Egerton).

Bachelor of Education Studies
Sarah-Lee Mitchell (endorsed in English for speakers of other languages).

Bachelor of Teaching
Louise Nicola Kagan (endorsed in primary education).

Bachelor of Pharmacy
Joon Soo Park, with credit; Chyi-Wen Timothy Wang.

Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching
Leeana Catherine Duncan (endorsed in information and communication technology), with distinction; Barbara Rose Moore, with credit; Olivia Jane Weaver, with distinction; Kelly Wikaira.

Graduate Diploma in Teaching
Patrick Gilbert Bassin, in secondary education; Michelle Diane Budge, in secondary education; Marlies Eva Caradus, in secondary education; Benjamin Mark Conway, in secondary education; Duncan Alexander Fulford, in secondary education; Sally Graves, in secondary education; Victoria Florence Jenkins, in secondary education; Chae Hyon Jo, in secondary education; Philippa Keaney, in secondary education; Grace Laura Kerridge, in secondary education; Tamiko Dionne Little, in secondary education; Victoria Ellen Proctor, in secondary education; Rupert James Sanderson Ray, in secondary education; Claire Margaret Kereuruhanga Rewa, in secondary education; Benjamin Douglas Truman, in secondary education; Alan Kent Twaites, in secondary education; Anna Vivienne Ward, in secondary education; James Bennet Westgate, in secondary education.

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy
Miguel Carbajal Guerrero, with credit; Zoe Patricia Hagenson, with distinction; Philip Hung-Kong Mok, with credit; Radhika Sandilya, with distinction; Kristel Alaine Yee, with credit.

Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching
Leica Sarah Claydon; Nicola Jane Hewson (endorsed in clinical teaching); Verena Joanne Tilson-Scoble; Tiffany Danielle Gagliardi Trotman; Shona Janine Willers.

Postgraduate Certificate in Pharmacy
Chia Eng Chong (endorsed in medicines management); QianYi Chuah (endorsed in medicines management); Joshua William Freeman (endorsed in medicines management); Anthea Irene Gregan (endorsed in medicines management); Patricia Marie Anne Hammond (endorsed in medicines management); Sebastian Johannes Kapp; Lisa Jean Kremer (endorsed in medicines management); Kristen Emma Langford (endorsed in medicines management); Hsuan-Yu Lin (endorsed in medicines management); Fiona Katherine McNabb (endorsed in medicines management); Himang Mujoo; Leanna Elizabeth Peachey (endorsed in medicines management); Joanne Marie Rogers (endorsed in medicines management); Vanda Shirley Symon; Judith Tamblyn (endorsed in medicines management); Julie Vickers (endorsed in medicines management); Anne-Katrin Wiesenmaier; Daniel James Yip (endorsed in medicines management).


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