Class Act 2013 ten years on: Cromwell College

Where are they now?


2013: Supported by adults, Borrie led a group of fellow pupils on an expedition to Everest Base Camp. He gained NCEA Levels 1 and 2 with excellence and played the guitar in several bands. He planned to become a surveyor.

2023: Borrie works at OUSA as the programme director of Radio One 91FM. He started in student radio as a volunteer DJ, whilefinishing a master’s of science in coastal geomorphology. He was Rookie of the Year 2022 in the Dunedin Ice Hockey League and plays bass in L. Hotel, a Dunedin surf rock band which opened for Lime Cordiale last year and recently toured nationwide. In 2021, he was a suitor on TVNZ’s The Bachelorette but eliminated four days in after after attempting to win a comedy challenge by eating a raw egg, shell and all. He has since found love, which he says is a relief given the rising price of eggs.