Another summer comes and goes

Enjoying his first — and last — dip of the season in the St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool yesterday is Dunedin resident, Alex Kong, 12. The pool has shut up shop until the spring after six months of beachfront swimming.

Pool duty manager Isaac McCall said the season had been very enjoyable, but it was time for some of the permanent staff to head back up to Moana Pool.

The swimming season began on October 1 on a blustery cold Dunedin weekend, and ended on a similarly chilly note.

"This past month has been freezing out here, but it has been great when the sun’s been out — no complaints in the world."

Mr McCall said yesterday was the busiest it had been in the past month, which was most likely due to the impending pool closure and people still being off work after Easter holidays.

The pool had about 61,500 visits during the past six months.

An announcement of when the pool will reopen will be made near the opening date.