Best of YouTube: Dodgy Dunedin driving

It's not quite Russia, but Dunedin isn't without its dodgem car moments out there on the roads.

And following the Russian trend, dashboard cameras are now in use to document those hairy moments when someone cuts straight in front of you at the Queens Gardens lights (see above).

Dave Langley, who posted the video above, has had more than one near miss since installing the camera recently and has also documented a confused red light runner and a perhaps not so confused red light runner.

On the same topic, but taking a completely different tack Sam has the camera turned the other way and films himself driving around Dunedin as he talks, and talks . . . and talks.

Where would YouTube be without the Harlem Shake? Here's an Otago version 

Speaking of dancing born & bred Dunnas boy 'Trev' returns home for a night out.  

What do you do when you move into Dunedin's worst flat? You give it an entertaining makeover, that's what.

If you've ever watched kite-surfing and wondered exactly what it feels like to be out there skimming over the ocean at speed, wonder no longer. Craig Knights (above) with an up close and personal view of the scary St Kilda waves.

This guy can ride, and so can these guys and, as it happens, so can these guys.

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