A year's worth of hard work in spotlight

Displaying her final project in the Otago Polytechnic "Debrief" exhibition last night is...
Displaying her final project in the Otago Polytechnic "Debrief" exhibition last night is communication design student Cherene Pienaar, of Timaru. Photo: Peter McIntosh
Graduating Otago Polytechnic students showcased the culmination of their year of work in an exhibition last night.

Nearly 70 students, most who were graduating mid-December, were in the "Debrief" exhibition.

It was an opportunity for communication design, product design, fashion design and postgraduate students to present their final projects.

Otago Polytechnic communication design senior lecturer Matthew Galloway said the event - which had been running for more than ten years - was always well-attended.

"We get friends, families, members of the public and people from the Otago Polytechnic community attending so it really is a community event."

Students' capabilities were showcased on the night.

"Students organised the entire exhibition - the marketing, branding and design of the event.

"All our students have very diverse skills so it's an opportunity for all of their different projects to be displayed."

Students worked with clients on a design project for their business or enterprise, culminating in a final project which took up much of their final semester.

Communication design student Cherene Pienaar, of Timaru, said she designed a logo, posters, lanyards and a digital display for Capable New Zealand.

It was satisfying to have the completed project on display, the 21-year-old said.

"I worked so hard so it's nice to show it off."

Miss Pienaar planned to move to Christchurch next year and seek a job in design.


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