Carisbrook 'on track' for cup games

Malcolm Farry
Malcolm Farry
Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry reiterated yesterday the stadium could be finished in time for the Rugby World Cup, due to begin in New Zealand in September 2011.

"All of our planning has been around a middle of 2011 finish and we're still on track for that."

The funding announcement yesterday was "outstanding" and a recognition by the Government of how important the stadium was to Otago and how important Otago was to the country.

"I think people need to take some notice of the fact that we've had the community trust have a look at it, we've had the regional council have a look at it, we've had the city council have a look at it, the Government's had a look at it and all these people have come up with a positive response.

"Somebody, some time, is going to have to scratch their head and say 'Hang on a minute, all these people in leadership roles are putting all this time into it. Maybe they've got it right, or surely they've got it right'."


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