Consent for Maitland St units granted

Non-notified consent for a subdivision to create seven new residential units in Maitland St, has been granted by the Dunedin City Council.

The 496sqm site is being developed by Mosgiel company DP Bain Properties Ltd.

It is a long, narrow property on the southwestern side of 15 Maitland St, and has recently been cleared of an old residential dwelling.

DCC reports showed the proposed development involved creating two residential buildings on the site.

The front building would contain three residential units (units 1-3), each having a single bedroom, while the rear building would contain four residential units (units 4-7).

"Units 4, 5 and 6 will have a single bedroom. Unit 7 will have two bedrooms.

"There will be eight habitable rooms in total."

Building consent has been issued for the seven units, and the earthworks for the development have been completed.

The units would be surrounded by open space, reserved for their exclusive use.

The remainder of the land would become common property and would include a walkway along the southeastern boundary to serve the rear units for pedestrian access.

"The proposed subdivision will separate the seven new units on to their own unit titles, enabling them to be held in separate ownership", the report said.

"There will be no new development or change to the present consented layout.

"Accordingly, the proposed subdivision will have no adverse effects on the amenity values of the surrounding area or wider zone."

The application was processed on a non-notified basis, and was approved by DCC senior planner John Sule.