Cracked skull after alleged assault in Dunedin

A man was taken to hospital with a cracked skull after an incident beginning with a Lime scooter in central Dunedin early on Sunday.

Senior Sergeant Craig Dinnissen, of Dunedin, said just after midnight an 18-year-old man allegedly pushed and punched a drunk 24-year-old in George St.

The 24-year-old hit his head on the ground and was knocked out and received a cut to his head, he said.

The victim had reportedly thrown a Lime scooter towards the other man's friend, sparking the alleged attack, Snr Sgt Dinnissen said.

He was taken to Dunedin Hospital with a cracked skull and had been flown later to Christchurch for further treatment, he said.

The 18-year-old is in custody and was facing charges of assault.