Drink-driver assaults officers after passenger ruse fails: police

A drunk driver piloting a stolen vehicle out of Dunedin tried to pass himself off as a passenger when police stopped him, despite being the only person in the car, and then assaulted two officers, police say.

Members of the public called emergency services after seeing the driver weaving in and out of lanes while driving on the Northern Motorway out of the city at 12.40pm today, Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond said.

Police located the vehicle and pulled it over.

When stopped, the driver tried to slide into the passenger seat, Snr Sgt Bond said.

"He was the only occupant."

Inside the vehicle were items that had been used to steal the car, which was reported stolen yesterday.

While undergoing the drink-driving procedure, the driver assaulted two officers.

He was arrested and would appear in court this morning on charges for drink-driving, unlawfully taking a vehicle, breaching bail and two counts of assaulting police, Snr Sgt Bond said.