Jailed after threatening to stab pair who came to repossess vehicle

A Dunedin meth dealer has been jailed after he threatened to stab two people who came to repossess his vehicle.

Cody Charles Douglas, 32, was released from Otago Correctional Facility in August 2020 after serving time for dealing meth.

He appeared in the Dunedin District Court last week on 17 charges, which covered an array of crimes.

"It’s not a good sign when Corrections, the Crown and police are here for you," Judge David Robinson said.

His most violent offending occurred on February 16 last year after he bought a Volkswagen Golf on hire purchase and fell behind on payments.

Two repossession agents arrived at the defendant’s home, blocked the car in and explained they would be taking the vehicle.

The female agent sat in the vehicle to prevent it being driven away while Douglas shoved the other agent multiple times.

The defendant then attempted to drag the woman from the car, shoving the seatbelt into her neck, court documents said.

"I’ve already done a lag. I’d do another one and stab you up," he said.

"I’m going inside. I’m going to get a knife and stab you."

While the woman phoned police, Douglas went inside and grabbed a knife.

He appeared in the window and pushed the curtain aside.

Douglas held the knife in front of him, then used the butt of the weapon to hit the window several times.

He exited his home and got into the passenger seat of the vehicle, before attempting to climb on top of the woman as he made various threats.

Police arrived to arrest the man and located a hunting knife at the property.

Douglas declined to make a formal statement but said the weapon was simply a butter knife.

Counsel Karlena Lawrence argued for a sentence of home detention, which could be served at his mother’s address as she was willing to give him a "last chance" to remain crime-free.

Douglas was convicted of six drug charges, one driving charge, three Corrections charges and one of receiving, after he was found with two stolen laptops.

He was also convicted of two counts of threatening to do grievous bodily harm, two assaults and two weapon charges.

Douglas was sentenced to one year, 11 months’ imprisonment.