Not-guilty plea made to raft of allegations

A high-profile Dunedin man has pleaded not guilty to all of the allegations he faces, including possessing a video of a dog having its legs cut off.

Earlier remanded in custody, the man appeared by audio visual link in the Dunedin District Court yesterday where he denied a raft of charges and elected trial by jury.

Among the charges are three charges of possessing objectionable material — a live dog having its legs cut off with a machete, 398 images of adults engaging in sexual activity with animals and a video of the Christchurch mosque shootings; eight methamphetamine charges, two GBL (fantasy) charges and five relating to cannabis.

Other allegations include possessing ammunition, a sawn-off shotgun, a .22 calibre rifle, possessing three Tasers, possessing cannabis for supply and refusing to provide police with the access code to his phone.

Judge Michael Turner continued the man’s interim name suppression to protect his fair trial rights.

The man was further remanded in custody to July 24.