Screaming drowned out music

A woman's hysterical screaming following an alleged rape was so loud, she could be heard over her father's band practice, a court has heard.

Taukiri Chris Keen (31) is on trial before the Dunedin District Court following the May 12 incident which took place in a car at a Mosgiel picnic area.

The 19-year-old was dropped off by the defendant at her father's home at her request after the alleged incident and he told the court yesterday he could hear her screams over the music he was playing.

The witness said his daughter was ''hysterical'' and repeatedly told him she had been raped.

''I've never seen her like that before,'' he said.

Earlier that night, Keen had been cruising around Dunedin with the complainant and two others who were drinking as the defendant drove them round.

When the other people were dropped off, it is alleged Keen - who had only known the woman a few weeks - took her to a secluded area, reclined her seat, climbed on top of her, pulled off her clothes and raped her.

Defence counsel Anne Stevens told the jury on Monday the sex that took place that night was consensual and had been arranged by the 19-year-old complainant through a series of Facebook messages.

In the days leading up to the incident, the woman messaged Keen asking for ''cuddles'', the court heard.

She called him ''cutey'', he called her ''beautiful''.

Mrs Stevens said the tone of the online conversations made it clear the two were preparing to consumate the relationship.

But the teenager vehemently denied that was the case.

''I never asked him for sex. Never,'' she said.

''My life is destroyed.''

Mrs Stevens' cross-examination continued yesterday.

She suggested Keen could not have removed the teenager's clothes in the car without her co-operation.

''How ridiculous ... I didn't want to be raped,'' the complainant said.

Mrs Stevens asked the teen why she did not fight back if she was so scared.

She could have punched her attacker in the face or poked him in the eyes, the lawyer said.

''Maybe I should've, but no, I didn't think about doing that,'' the woman said.

The complainant told the court yesterday that after she had been raped, she requested Keen take her home.

On the drive there, she said, the defendant asked her if they could date.

Keen allegedly apologised and said he had forced himself on the teenager because he liked her.

''I liked you so I raped you? Who the hell says that?'' the complainant told the court.

The trial continues.

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