Sex offender denied release

A sex offender will remain behind bars for at least four more months as he waits for treatment for his predilection.

Dwayne John Davis (41) was jailed for five years in 2016 after plying a boy with drugs and sexually abusing him.

While Davis initially denied the charges, he admitted responsibility for the offending at a parole hearing last year.

A psychologist's report provisionally approved the prisoner for entry to Kia Marama, a programme for child-sex offenders.

However, a Parole Board hearing from Invercargill Prison last month heard Davis had not undertaken the specialised counselling.

There was no explanation from Corrections as to why that was the case but panel convener Martha Coleman said the board, as a result, could not be satisfied the man could be safely released.

''The judge [at sentencing] described the sexual offending as predatory, self-gratifying and involving an element of grooming ... There were 200 occasions in which Class C drugs were supplied and 10 occasions in which Class B drugs were supplied. Mr Davis used drugs with the two young men. All of this leads the board to the firm view that without an assessment of risk the board is not able to be satisfied that Mr Davis meets the statutory test for release ... despite the fact that he has approved accommodation, has good support in the community and has two offers of employment,'' she said.

At trial, the court heard Davis provided a boy with cannabis and alcohol at the defendant's Waihola home.

He then carried him to bed under the guise of putting him down to sleep, but the boy woke with Davis lying behind him with his hand down his pants.

The Parole Board asked for advice on whether the prisoner could complete further counselling while in the community or if it could only be provided behind bars.

Davis, described by Ms Coleman as ''understandably frustrated'', would go back before the board in July.

His sentence ends in June 2021.

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