Student behaviour 'phenomenal' during O-Week

Dunedin police say it is ''phenomenal'' no students were arrested as Orientation Week reached its crescendo at the weekend.

Inspector Wil Black, of Dunedin, said twice as many people were in the cells at Dunedin Central Police Station over the weekend compared to usual, but not one of those was a University of Otago or Otago Polytechnic Student.

"That's phenomenal really when you think about it.''

In his view, the "fantastic'' result was thanks to the work of the University, the proctor, the Otago University Students' Association and community police.

In total, 28 people were arrested over the weekend, Insp Black said.

One couch was reported burned this weekend, on Castle St.

It was unknown if the culprits were students, but that should become clear either way soon.

"Unfortunately for them they were caught on CCTV so they will be getting spoken to.'' 

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