Changes to parking near university

Drivers will soon be able to park for longer in parts of central Dunedin.

The Dunedin City Council yesterday announced parking changes near the University of Otago.

They will take effect within the next month and will allow motorists to stay all day in certain areas, including near Dunedin Hospital or Otago Museum.

The move comes after a recent council survey in which residents discussed their concerns about parking in the area.

The current $1-an-hour charging zone will be extended and include the south side of Dundas St, while the 180-minute parking will move to St David St.

Existing rates closer to the museum will remain the same, but time restrictions will be reduced to 180 minutes from 240.

Vogel St and Water St parks will now be $1 an hour.

The changes were made to ''encourage parking turnover and better provide for visitors'', a council spokeswoman said.

The council was encouraging drivers to use the Pay My Park app to pay for the spaces, alongside the Smart Travel app to help share travel and parking costs.

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