Earnings up, but prospects concern

University of Otago students have earned an extra $780,735 through Student Job Search (SJS) so far this year, but there is concern over a drop in the number being placed in work.

Figures released this week showed University of Otago students earned $3,785,938 for the 12 months to August through SJS, which was 26% higher than the $3,005,203 earned in the corresponding period last year.

Otago University Students' Association (OUSA) president Logan Edgar said the figures showed students placed in work were working more and earning more.

"It's great to see those students who have the time, the opportunity, or the need to earn more while they're at uni getting the chance to do so," Mr Edgar said.

However, the picture was not all rosy as there had been a 14% decline in the number of students placed in jobs.

"It's the gap between those students searching for work and placements that is my concern."

This gap would probably increase next year, with the Government's changes to allowances forcing more students to look for work, he said.


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