Compass ‘proud’ of hospital patient satisfaction result

Julian Baldey
Julian Baldey
Food provider Compass says its contract with the Southern District Health Board "remains strong" and it wants to see out the 15-year deal.

Chief operating officer Julian Baldey said the contract was meeting expectations and patient satisfaction was high.

"We aim to continue providing our food services support to SDHB under the terms of the agreement."

It is two years since the multinational took over the kitchens under a controversial 15-year deal that proved disappointing for the company because few DHBs signed up.

It affected the economics of the deal, which Mr Baldey said he was unable to discuss as it was commercially sensitive.

"The agreement Compass Group New Zealand has with Southern District Health Board remains strong.

"The most recent patient satisfaction levels at Dunedin Hospital are 97.9%; at Southland Hospital they are 100%.

"We are proud of this. Our people  have worked so hard to achieve these great results for patients at SDHB’s hospitals."

On Christmas Day,  patients could choose from ham, roast chicken or a spinach and feta filo, served with vegetables. Plum pudding or chocolate mint mousse were the dessert choices. 


I bet Compass want to see out the 15-year deal. How could anyone sign up to a 15yrs with a company? The previous Minister of Health allowed and encouraged this to happen. Thanks goodness so few followed. The previous kitchen was excellent and provided work for local cooks and food suppliers. Dunedin people should speak up for its return.