JD still Otago's oldest dog

JD the dog. Photo by Gerard O'Brien.
JD the dog. Photo by Gerard O'Brien.
At 19, Dunedin dog JD appears to be holding on to the title of Otago's oldest dog, but he will have to live a few more years to become the oldest dog ever.

Owners of two Otago working dogs have contacted the Otago Daily Times to say their dogs lived to ages 23 and 21, with both still herding sheep into their old age.

Rachel Gibb said Ned, a Kelpie sheepdog, was registered for 23 years and was still keeping the small flock of sheep on her Ravensbourne farmlet in order before he died.

He worked on a "proper farm" for 12 years, before semi-retiring to her property.

"He was a great old character - teeth worn down to the gums, enjoyed singing along to the old piano in the barn, gentle with the lambs and would round up anything, including chickens and small children if asked, and all with an easy grin."

The world's oldest living dog, according to Guinness World Records in October, died on Thursday, according to the BBC News.

Dachshund-terrier-cross Otto, was 20 years, 11 months old when put to sleep in the United Kingdom after suffering from stomach cancer, the BBC said.

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