Leak fixed, old boiler next

The hunt is over at Kaikorai Valley College after a major search found the leaking pipe which was causing heating woes.

Contractors spent several weeks digging holes all around the school in an attempt to find a broken pipe which was leaking heated water from the school boiler.

Principal Rick Geerlofs said the leak was stopping the boiler from generating the pressure needed for it to function efficiently.

Unfortunately, the leak was finally found underneath one of the school's newer buildings.

Initially, there were concerns the building would need to be dug up in order to fix the problem, but contractors had diverted the pipe above ground.

The cost of the search and repair was still to be calculated, Mr Geerlofs said.

The pipe had been leaking for some time, and now it had been fixed, it was affecting the boiler's operation.

''We are actually going to have to replace our boiler because it's got to an age where it needs to be replaced.''

The school had nursed the boiler through the work and kept heating on in the classrooms.

Everything remained warm and toasty, he said.


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