More talks on footpaths

The Dunedin City Council will consult again on the review of its policy on the commercial use of footpaths.

A draft revised policy on what businesses could and could not do with signage and furniture on Dunedin's footpaths was considered by a council hearings subcommittee last year, following a round of public consultation.

The subcommittee of Crs Kate Wilson, Fliss Butcher and Teresa Stevenson decided on several changes that would have altered the draft policy so significantly from that which originally went out for public consultation, a new draft policy needed to be developed, subcommittee chairwoman Cr Kate Wilson said this week.

The original revised policy was considered by some councillors to be too prescriptive, but several even more restrictive ideas will be considered.

One is whether portable advertising signs on footpaths - of which there are hundreds in the central city - should be banned.

A new hearings panel will be formed to hear feedback.

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