Noone loses name battle

Dunedin city councillor Andrew Noone has conceded defeat after failing to overturn opposition to a proposed road name in Sawyers Bay.

''I know when I'm beaten,'' Cr Noone declared, after his push to allow the name - and scrap a review of the council's road-naming policy - fell flat yesterday.

He was speaking after councillors at an infrastructure services committee meeting earlier this month voted to reject ''Kenros Lane'' as the new name for a private way in a subdivision off Hall Rd in Sawyers Bay.

Instead, amid continued debate over road names, councillors voted to review the policy that was supposed to govern the names.

That was despite Cr Noone opposing the decisions and continuing to voice concerns at yesterday's full council meeting.

He argued the road name met some of the council's policy criteria and had the support of the Chalmers Community Board, but the council was using the issue ''to justify a review''.

''It's not as if this has come from left field. It has been through a local process. I'm just disappointed that we, as a council, feel we know better,'' he said.

He urged councillors to accept the road name and cancel the review, but failed to win majority support.

The name Kenros Lane referred to Rose and the late Ken Laing, who owned portions of the subdivision's land since 1969 and were well known in the community.

The council's policy emphasised names should reflect a common or established theme, a historical person or event, a significant feature, a traditional or appropriate Maori name, or a personal name to recognise special service.


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