Pacific students strategy

The University of Otago has developed a strategy to increase the academic success of Pacific people at the university.

The university's proposed "Pacific strategic framework" was tabled at the university's council meeting this week.

Vice-chancellor Prof Harlene Hayne said at the council meeting that while universities had been successful in improving Maori academic success, they had been "slower" in identifying strategies for Pacific students.

The proposed framework used the "bones" of the strategy which had been successful in lifting the performance of Maori and "tailored" that to Pacific peoples, Prof Hayne said.

Academic and international deputy vice-chancellor Prof Vernon Squire said in a memorandum to the council that the development of the framework involved "extensive research and consultation".

The goals identified in the framework included encouraging academic divisions to incorporate Pacific topics, building strong relationships with Pacific families and supporting participation, and retention, development and success of its Pacific staff and students.

The council approved the framework, which is now subject to endorsement by the university senate.



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