Residents asked to watch water use

Residents in Waitati, Seacliff and Waikouaiti are being asked to conserve water after heavy rain affected supply systems in those areas.

Formal water restrictions were not being imposed following the storm on Friday and Saturday, but residents were asked to watch water usage as supplies remained limited at present, Dunedin City Council water and waste planning delivery manager Tom Dyer said on Sunday.

Supply for Waitati and Seacliff was affected by power outages in Leith Valley, which had impacted on a supply station in the area.

"We have got a day-and-a-half supply,'' Mr Dyer said.

It was hoped power would be restored by the end of Sunday, but residents should remain mindful of the limited supply until the station was again functioning.

The council was also not taking water from the Waikouaiti River due to contamination from silt following the downpour.

Two to three days of supply was available in the area, but again the council was urging restraint.

Authorities were still asking people to treat all floodwater as contaminated.

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