Tension focus of Foreign Policy School

Rising international tensions over resource scarcity and concerns about fracking will come under the spotlight at the University of Otago's latest Foreign Policy School.

A high-powered line-up of national and international speakers will grapple with the issue of global resource scarcity at the 49th annual school.

Titled ''Global Resource Scarcity: Catalyst for Conflict or Collaboration?'', the latest school will focus on issues including access to valuable ''rare earth metals'', the wider effects of hydraulic fracturing, and China's quest for natural resources in the South Pacific.

The school is being held at St Margaret's College, Dunedin, on June 27-29.

Dr Marcelle Dawson and Dr Chris Rosin, both of Otago University, are co-directors.

About 100 people are expected to attend the school, which will be opened by John Allen, the chief executive and secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Other leading speakers include Andreas Lindstrom, of the Stockholm International Water Institute, Sweden, as well as Dr David Tickner, chief adviser, freshwater, at the World Wildlife Fund, in Britain, and Iosefa Maiava, who holds a UN post in Fiji.

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